Discussion Policy

This page sets out the discussion policy pertaining to the eshashalazini website.

Please note that the user comments on our site are posted directly by users and do not reflect the views of eshashalazini. We don’t moderate discussion unless you flag something as inappropriate. Please use this power responsibly; just because you disagree with someone’s point of view doesn’t make their comment inappropriate.


Discussion and comment platforms have been created to allow you to engage with other users on the content published by eshashalazini website. To join the conversation, please register using a valid email address or social network account.


We DO NOT tolerate content that is malicious, bigoted, defamatory, or simply irrelevant to the topic under discussion. We also don’t allow people to use these forums to advertise their products or services. We moderate comments only after they have been flagged three times by three different individuals. The flagged comment may be edited, deleted or reinstated. Any individual whose comments have been deleted or edited for appropriateness three times will have their account suspended.


If you think you’ve been suspended unfairly, or had your post deleted unfairly, contact us. We are relying on you to help make this a progressive and safe space for smart, wide-ranging discussion. Feel free to contact us directly at sifiso@eshashalazini.co.za if you see something that needs our immediate attention.

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